Festival starts today!

You are probably wondering, “What in the hell happened? Why have there been no posts?” Well, I have a number of excuses for you surrounding working too much but I must admit I mostly forgot the password to this damn thing. That aside, I have very exciting news for you… and it goes like this…


Our panel discussion is tonight in AH116 of the University (that’s Anderson Hall). It’s free. It’s got food and beverage. You can buy tickets to the other events we’ve got going on, and we’ve got amazing speakers for you to discuss and prod at! We have, Christopher Moore skyping in from Concordia who is the creator of the infamous cuddle commandos, we have Dana Inkster, filmmaker extraordinaire, Dayna Daniels who is the feminist to watch out for and…well, there’s me. I like to say I’m the color commentary but I’m also the current Festival Director of Rhino in the Room. We will all be moderated by Lindsey Skakum. She will keep us all under control. You can view this panel from anywhere in the world as it will be streamed LIVE! http://www.livestream.com/rhinointheroom

The other fun part is that you can tweet in questions to us here!

Following the discussion is our two nights of film, matinee, AND wrap up party. The first 3 items have details listed in other posts but I am fairly certain I have yet to tell you how exciting this wrap up party will be.

WRAP UP PARTY!!! Yes, because we deserve it. After challenging ourselves intellectually and then sitting around all evening we all deserve to get up and dance. On Saturday we will be throwing a party at Sisters Pub and Grill. Now, you may be thinking “what makes this so special? I can go dance anywhere!” Well, you could. BUT you wouldn’t have DJ JAY FRAID spinning for you, you wouldn’t have FAKE MUSTACHE and you also wouldn’t have THE BRAZEN HUSSIES. You also might miss out on your chance to win a 50/50 or other sweet giveaways. Also, you wouldn’t have Rhino. And Rhino is pretty reliable for a good time. Make no mistake, you can dance anywhere, but this is where the party is at.  Oh there will also be $3 Rhino shooters and cover is $12 UNLESS you have yourself a pink pass or buy your wrap up party ticket in advance at one of our festival events. No other purchase is necessary, if you show up just to buy a ticket to the wrap up party we aren’t going to force you to buy tickets to the screenings. No worries. They will also be available at Blueprint and Catwalk like the rest of our tickets!

Just as a side note, we had some outfits made up for our servers at the screenings and oh my gosh are they cute. I know I’m having a strange moment here, but seriously. As if this festival could not get anymore ridiculously awesome, then these outfits are made and, just wow. Really folks, don’t miss out on this festival. Great films, great people, great events, and now great costumes! haha!

You can see the events and invite your friend on facebook! It’s a handy little event tool to spread the word (which I hope you are all doing)

We hope to see you there!



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