Volunteers and Parade…people? walkers?

You guessed it. Like every good not-for-profit, we rely on you people out there to make this festival work. In return though, you do get free stuff. I mean, in my day, you would volunteer for a day just for the pleasure of doing it and probably get a button as a thank you. Here at Rhino though, we really like to make sure you feel appreciated, spa trips, dinner, free admission, and TWO buttons 😉 Okay, Okay, scratch the spa trips and dinner… but you do get in for free when you volunteer and we might give you a button. Mostly you will get our gratitude and thanks and also the satisfaction of knowing that you helped give a room full of people a positive experience! Isn’t that moving? I bet you want to volunteer now! If so, you should e-mail us at rhinointheroom@gmail.com or give us a shout on facebook . In case you are nervous and don’t know what to say, all you need say is this:

Dear Rhinos,

I want to volunteer, simply because I am a good person. The free stuff and thanks is only secondary to me, but I still want it. I am a wonderful person to work with and am super excited about this years festival. I am so excited that I invited everyone I know and am already in confirmed attendance on all of the facebook events!

Have a lovely day,

your name here

It’s that easy. We will understand.


ps. If you want to be on the parade float for either Whoop up Days or Calgary Pride, please let us know asap and add lots of exclamation marks to your message!!!!! The whoop up days parade is on Tuesday so we need those exclamation marks so we know that you are not only as excited, but also feel the time crunch!!!!!!


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