Some more sponsor action!

Hey everyone,

I just thought a little update on some of our lovely sponsors is in order. After all, without them, there can be no festival! Well, there could, it would just be in my Mother’s basement… anyway! I already gave you all the scoop on LPRIG and I’m sure you are all familiar with them but just in case, one more time, take a good look!

There must be more out there with a Rhino in their Room though right? Right! ULSU PRIDE (formerly GALIA for you Lethbridge Lifers) as well as GALA/LA have been around supporting us from the start. Beyond these two putting out continuing support for the Queer community of Lethbridge, they are filled with amazing people on their board and in their membership. GALA/LA , ULSU PRIDE

Is there more? Surely!

If you happen to be in Lethbridge looking to fulfill that craving for a double double with a honey dip donut, maybe consider the Scenic drive or heritage blvd Tim Hortons!  This year they have decided to jump on the band wagon and support their local Queer Film Festival!

Speaking of getting a coffee… Round Street Cafe! Beyond having a lovely selection of caffeinated beverages they also have a delicious menu. Really. I highly recommend getting a sandwich and coffee with friends some afternoon. Great atmosphere, wonderful staff, and nicely located in downtown Lethbridge. Round Street

Of course, beyond receiving submissions and visitors to the festival from all over the place, we also receive sponsors from all over! The Earth’s General Store in Edmonton Alberta (if you haven’t been, make the trip. I do.) has also decided to send us some support and love. Well, we love them right back, check them out here!

There is still time to become a sponsor or “Come Out” as a Queer friendly business and there really is no better time than right now to do it 🙂


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