Great Screening!

OUTspoken hosted by GALIA  at the University was a great time. Rhino was fortunate enough to make most of the events and host a screening! You may have seen some Rhinos at the opening of the events at the University “manning” their booth as well. Hopefully you picked up a call from them and said Hello, they really are quite lovely people.

RITR OUTspoken Table

RITR OUTspoken Table

If you didn’t come talk to RITR at their booth you must have come to the screening then! Rhino screened “12.03.10” directed by 10 friends, and “Boycrazy” directed by John Sobrack. There were some tears and a whole lot of of laughs. Both of the films had great response and feedback from the audience, which did I mention that room was packed? RITR is very grateful that so many of you came out to support us and share with us such fabulous queer film. Besides watching those films you got an inspiring address from RITR’s festival director thanking all of our sponsors and supporters and urging you to take advantage of the opportunity to submit your film; you maybe even bought some buttons and picked up a call. If you didn’t though you can just go to our downloads page and get it from there! That’s right, the call at your fingertips to print off and give to all of your friends and family.  If you are looking for the inspiring message though you missed out. Though I’m sure if you drop an e-mail off at asking for one, someone would be more than happy to write you something inspiring about queer film.

We also recently made an appearance in Xtra West. Which if you don’t regularily check out their website, you should.!.aspx

Thanks for your continued support everyone. Hope your film making is going well!



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