A new year, more work!

Well, as you know the information for our 2011 call is out. It has been emailed, it has been posted, it’s been blogged. It’s now your turn. This is the part where you start making films! Curious why? Well, because that’s the deal. We put together this festival, get you a space, food, beverage; most importantly an audience, and then we show your films! We aren’t here to make the films, that is your part. It’s your time to fill. Sometimes we get individuals that are upset that they didn’t see a certain kind of film at the festival or that there was too much of this, or that. Well, if there is something you want to see, you have to make it happen! We can only jury and screen what is submitted to us. Without submissions, it’s not much a festival.  Really, what we’re asking you people out there to do is to try. I promise you it will be a fun experience; those of you that already make films know this. It will be hard and challenging at times, but at the end of the day it will mostly have been fun.

Beyond that there are a couple of other things we need to make this festival successful. Sponsors. We have always had such wonderful sponsors, but with any annual event, we need you again! and again… and again… we really like to give them a break sometimes and really appreciate featuring some different organizations to show other queer supportive business. If you have a business or organization that would like to give RITR some support for their 2011 film festival in the form of advertising, volunteer power, food, beverage, equipment or even the basic monetary donation, it would not only be greatly appreciated, but it would help make this festival as successful as it has been in the last 2 years. If you would like to inquire about our sponsorship packages please drop us an e-mail. Sponsoring with our festival is a great way to advertise in the Queer community.

The other thing we need is volunteer power! Want to be a part of a hugely successful event that happens only once a year that brings Queer film from all over the world together? If yes, just drop us an e-mail. No need to be shy. We aren’t looking for resumes and calling your previous employers. If you want to help out, we will find a place for you to help out and train you to perform certain tasks if need be. It’s really painless and you get to meet a lot of new people. Again, it’s work and challenging at times, but at the end of the day, it’s fun.


Well, in summation, we need you. Have a great day, afternoon, or evening, whichever you prefer,



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Where is the Rhino?

Woah! Lack of activity much!? I know, I know. We’ve been slacking on fulfilling your needs for queer film and film festival information. Well folks, I promise we will stop neglecting you. Starting now. So check out this message below in all capitals because it’s super super important… so important that I’m even going to make it a pretty color…


See? Very important. I made it pink. Our call is still relevant, just the dates are ridiculously wrong. Like, a year wrong and such… BUT! the addresses and what we are looking for are still all the same. Basically, you. We are looking for you. Make a film, send it to us and it will be juried in early fall for the festival. There will be an amazing, mind boggling amount of updates in the next month, so keep posted. We are revamping. Everything.


Also, we are accepting board members currently. So, if you want to help out, e-mail rhinointheroom@gmail.com and we will see where you fit!

Much Love,



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Festival starts today!

You are probably wondering, “What in the hell happened? Why have there been no posts?” Well, I have a number of excuses for you surrounding working too much but I must admit I mostly forgot the password to this damn thing. That aside, I have very exciting news for you… and it goes like this…


Our panel discussion is tonight in AH116 of the University (that’s Anderson Hall). It’s free. It’s got food and beverage. You can buy tickets to the other events we’ve got going on, and we’ve got amazing speakers for you to discuss and prod at! We have, Christopher Moore skyping in from Concordia who is the creator of the infamous cuddle commandos, we have Dana Inkster, filmmaker extraordinaire, Dayna Daniels who is the feminist to watch out for and…well, there’s me. I like to say I’m the color commentary but I’m also the current Festival Director of Rhino in the Room. We will all be moderated by Lindsey Skakum. She will keep us all under control. You can view this panel from anywhere in the world as it will be streamed LIVE! http://www.livestream.com/rhinointheroom

The other fun part is that you can tweet in questions to us here!

Following the discussion is our two nights of film, matinee, AND wrap up party. The first 3 items have details listed in other posts but I am fairly certain I have yet to tell you how exciting this wrap up party will be.

WRAP UP PARTY!!! Yes, because we deserve it. After challenging ourselves intellectually and then sitting around all evening we all deserve to get up and dance. On Saturday we will be throwing a party at Sisters Pub and Grill. Now, you may be thinking “what makes this so special? I can go dance anywhere!” Well, you could. BUT you wouldn’t have DJ JAY FRAID spinning for you, you wouldn’t have FAKE MUSTACHE and you also wouldn’t have THE BRAZEN HUSSIES. You also might miss out on your chance to win a 50/50 or other sweet giveaways. Also, you wouldn’t have Rhino. And Rhino is pretty reliable for a good time. Make no mistake, you can dance anywhere, but this is where the party is at.  Oh there will also be $3 Rhino shooters and cover is $12 UNLESS you have yourself a pink pass or buy your wrap up party ticket in advance at one of our festival events. No other purchase is necessary, if you show up just to buy a ticket to the wrap up party we aren’t going to force you to buy tickets to the screenings. No worries. They will also be available at Blueprint and Catwalk like the rest of our tickets!

Just as a side note, we had some outfits made up for our servers at the screenings and oh my gosh are they cute. I know I’m having a strange moment here, but seriously. As if this festival could not get anymore ridiculously awesome, then these outfits are made and, just wow. Really folks, don’t miss out on this festival. Great films, great people, great events, and now great costumes! haha!

You can see the events and invite your friend on facebook! It’s a handy little event tool to spread the word (which I hope you are all doing)

We hope to see you there!


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Volunteers and Parade…people? walkers?

You guessed it. Like every good not-for-profit, we rely on you people out there to make this festival work. In return though, you do get free stuff. I mean, in my day, you would volunteer for a day just for the pleasure of doing it and probably get a button as a thank you. Here at Rhino though, we really like to make sure you feel appreciated, spa trips, dinner, free admission, and TWO buttons 😉 Okay, Okay, scratch the spa trips and dinner… but you do get in for free when you volunteer and we might give you a button. Mostly you will get our gratitude and thanks and also the satisfaction of knowing that you helped give a room full of people a positive experience! Isn’t that moving? I bet you want to volunteer now! If so, you should e-mail us at rhinointheroom@gmail.com or give us a shout on facebook . In case you are nervous and don’t know what to say, all you need say is this:

Dear Rhinos,

I want to volunteer, simply because I am a good person. The free stuff and thanks is only secondary to me, but I still want it. I am a wonderful person to work with and am super excited about this years festival. I am so excited that I invited everyone I know and am already in confirmed attendance on all of the facebook events!

Have a lovely day,

your name here

It’s that easy. We will understand.


ps. If you want to be on the parade float for either Whoop up Days or Calgary Pride, please let us know asap and add lots of exclamation marks to your message!!!!! The whoop up days parade is on Tuesday so we need those exclamation marks so we know that you are not only as excited, but also feel the time crunch!!!!!!

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RITR 2010 Program!

I know, you are all very excited! Well, here it is folks, this is what we have in store for you this year! Be sure to keep checking in for more information as it will slowly reveal itself! Tickets for sale starting in September! They may be bought individually, or in a RITR deal (it’s great), or at the door. This will be the longest, best blog post you have ever read on the internet and probably the most important. Before you start, I would recommend grabbing a coffee or tea and some snacks. Enjoy!

The Queer Lens: Queer representation in the Media (Free)

Wednesday September 15th, University of Lethbridge, PE264 AH116

To start off the festival, RITR will be hosting a panel discussion featuring individuals involved with the art/media/film/queer community and seeing where they stand on the issue of queer representation. What is Queer media? Who makes it? Why is (or isn’t it) important, and how do we fit in?
Your questions are welcome and encouraged.
This Panel will be streamed live so that you can also twitter in questions if you can’t make it to the discussion. We can’t promise to use them all, but if you’ve got a gooder we will definitely bring it up!
More speakers TBA so keep posted!
Dayna Daniels
Christopher Moore

Thursday September 16th – Opening Night – Sterndale Bennett Theater – 7pm ($10 in advance $12@door)

Taking the Plunge – Ian Gustafson and Chantal Langley (Vancouver)
…A lesbian who is about to get married has second thoughts about the marriage. Her two sides come out to talk about it.

The First – Jeremy Hyler (NC)
A coming of age story for one girl who finds her life in the gay and lesbian lifestyle. She tells her of her personality and her friends who are all in this subculture. She is invited to a drag show and gay bar to see what it is like. from there she goes through a metamorphosis and not only choosing a lifestyle but able to choose what she want and become a woman who finally has a voice.

Falling in Love… with Chris and Greg. Ep: O Canada! (CA)
In the premiere episode of “Falling In Love…”, Chris and Greg tackle the issues of open relationships, Canadianism, and lactose intolerance.

Best Friends – Andi Meiers (Germany)
about the time when you are 15 and you don’t know if you are in love with your best friend or with her boyfriend. The only thing you know is that you wear these doc martens shoes and that you feel like being yourself when you are with your friends, and you know you will always be best fiends – because you had these wonderful moments in the evenings at the lake.

Dish 🙂 – Brian Harris Krinsky (CA)
Emo kids Israel and Louie walk around their east Los Angeles neighborhood dishing and “sexting” about their high school classmates. After listening to Louie boast about his sexual escapades, Israel decides he has some catching up to do.

Baby Shark – Pascal-Alex Vincent (France)
Three teenagers. A precipice.

Communication – Christopher Banks (New Zealand)
An Orthodox Jewish student unexpectedly inherits the estate of his estranged mentor, and discovers a painful truth about their final days together.

Meeskeit – Neil Ira Needleman (NY)
This is the poignant story of two meeskeits and the beautiful relationship they never had. As with virtually all my stories, there are bits and peices of my relatives and family friends here. But these are really personalities that you’ll find in very family. I’m sure you will recognize an aunt, an uncle, a cousin, a parent, a sibling, and -perhaps- even a little of yourself in here.

Talk to your Daughter – Lisa Powell (Lethbridge)
PSA on the dangers of not educating your daughters of the lesbian recruitment agenda.

Public Relations – Gianna Sobol (CA)
A miserable Hollywood assisstant finds romance and a reason for being when her sexy New York counterpart arrives in town. Public Relations is a funny, fresh take on growing up – and getting laid.

Just Another Beautiful Boy – Peter Max Lawrence
A music video for the queer band Carletta sue Kay


Allison, My Love – Richard Paro
A short film about a slip of the tongue…

Fagbug – Erin Davies (NY)
On the 11th Annual Day of Silence, Erin Davies was victim to a hate crime in Albany, New York. Because of sporting a rainbow sticker on her Volkswagen Beetle, Erin’s car was vandalized, left with the words “fag” an “u r gay” placed on the drivers side window and hood of her car. Despite initial shock and embarassment, Erin decided to embrace what happened by leaving the graffiti on her car. She took her car, now known worldwide as the “fagbug,” on a 58-day trip around the US and Canada. Along the way, Erin discovered other, more serious hate crimes, had people attempt to remove the graffiti, and experimented with having a male driver her car. After driving the fagbug for one year, Erin decided to give her car a makeover.

Friday September 17 – Closing Night Sterndale Bennett Theater ($10 in advance $12@door)

Identities – Vittoria Colonna (will start at 7pm)
…This is a beautifully done piece about, perhaps, the lesser known side of the queer community. Transgendered and Transexual individuals are just two of the groups of people covered in this artistic and integral piece.

To Each Her Own – Heather Tobin  (will start at 9pm)
This lesbian romance that deals with tough issues such as homophobic parents and internalized homophobia, is something I’m SURE a lot of people from Southern Alberta can relate all too well to.

Saturday September 18th – Matinee – 2pm – University of Lethbridge PE264 ($2)

Starting at 2pm we will start off with a short and follow with a feature. Both for $2 and suitable for all ages. There will be a cute little activity table for younger members of the family… or older. Who doesn’t love to color?

Fading away from the Stereotypes – LAMP Kids
This film (made completely by a group of kids) deals with gender identity and poses questions abut our preconceived notions of gender.

Transparent – Jules Rosskam
This film features trans-men with children and what they have gone through -and go through- each day to get closer to finding themselves while maintaining their family.

RITR Wrap up Party – 9pm – 2am ($10 in advance $12 @ door)

Music, Dancing and Entertainment Featuring Fake Mustache and The Brazen Hussies

Keep posted for details on our wrap up party!

The “Pink Package” may be purchased in advance and includes all of the RITR festival events for $25!

Tickets go on sale September 1st!

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As I’m sure you are all aware, the deadline has passed for 2010 submissions (2011 submissions start now!). We have spent days upon days reviewing films and agonizing over which films will be in this years festival. I can’t reveal anything yet, BUT, it is going to be a FANTASTIC festival. You all really outdid yourselves this year. Thank you.

What I can reveal though is our tentative schedule for this years festival. These dates are completely set in stone so be sure to write them down! Starting Wednesday September 15th we will be hosting a panel discussion titled “The Queer Lens: Queer representation in the Media.” It will be taking place at the University of Lethbridge in PE250 (in the 1st choice center for sport and wellness) at 7pm. Following the panel on September 16th and 17th at 7pm in the Sterndale Bennett Theatre will be our two evenings of Queer Film. After that, on Saturday September 18th we will be having a big wrap up party to close the festival for this year and get excited about next year, details TBA.

Be sure to check back for more information, more sponsors, and on where you can soon be getting your tickets in advance!

For any questions feel free to post here or drop us a line at rhinointheroom@gmail.com!


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Some more sponsor action!

Hey everyone,

I just thought a little update on some of our lovely sponsors is in order. After all, without them, there can be no festival! Well, there could, it would just be in my Mother’s basement… anyway! I already gave you all the scoop on LPRIG and I’m sure you are all familiar with them but just in case, one more time, take a good look!

There must be more out there with a Rhino in their Room though right? Right! ULSU PRIDE (formerly GALIA for you Lethbridge Lifers) as well as GALA/LA have been around supporting us from the start. Beyond these two putting out continuing support for the Queer community of Lethbridge, they are filled with amazing people on their board and in their membership. GALA/LA , ULSU PRIDE

Is there more? Surely!

If you happen to be in Lethbridge looking to fulfill that craving for a double double with a honey dip donut, maybe consider the Scenic drive or heritage blvd Tim Hortons!  This year they have decided to jump on the band wagon and support their local Queer Film Festival!

Speaking of getting a coffee… Round Street Cafe! Beyond having a lovely selection of caffeinated beverages they also have a delicious menu. Really. I highly recommend getting a sandwich and coffee with friends some afternoon. Great atmosphere, wonderful staff, and nicely located in downtown Lethbridge. Round Street

Of course, beyond receiving submissions and visitors to the festival from all over the place, we also receive sponsors from all over! The Earth’s General Store in Edmonton Alberta (if you haven’t been, make the trip. I do.) has also decided to send us some support and love. Well, we love them right back, check them out here!

There is still time to become a sponsor or “Come Out” as a Queer friendly business and there really is no better time than right now to do it 🙂

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It is absolutely ridiculous how amazing all of our filmmakers are. You have all submitted such a beautiful variety of films and we are grateful everyday when we see more submissions and e-mails from each of you. It is awesome.

Who knew that so many of you would jump all over the extended deadline like this!? In any case, we love it; keep em comin! This is your festival so if there’s something you want to see, pick up your camera and get to it! We know there are tons of Do it Yourself-ers out there!

Also, we have a pretty well brand spankin’ new board (and executive) which is both sad and exciting. To those who had to move on, we are thankful for all of the work you have done, and for those of you just joining us, good luck keeping up! Ha!  But really, we are glad to have you. If any of you out there in cyberland are wondering how you too can get involved in this festival and what we do, drop us an e-mail! We have regular meetings and love your feedback, so don’t be shy!

We also have some pretty awesome sponsors. I’m going to try and highlight them a bit for you every week; starting with LPIRG (Lethbridge Public Interest Research Group). They have been with us from the beginning -helping us along the way- and have treated us incredibly well. They have gone above and beyond what we would expect from a sponsor and made themselves an asset to this festival. We are glad to know them and call them friends of Rhino in the Room. Beyond that they are an integral part of the Lethbridge community and are one of the most visible social action organizations in this city. All in all, they are great. Please go visit their website (maybe write them an e-mail saying hello?) or check them out on our sponsors page.

ps. This sponsor page is being built! If you would like to be on the sponsorship page check out our downloadable sponsorship package to find out how you can do so!

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Great News!

We had a couple of requests, so due to our love for you all we have extended our deadline to August 2, 2010. That means you actually have another month to send us in films or to get yours finished up!  Thank you to all of those who have already submitted, and if you haven’t yet, why not?


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Join Rhino for a little taste of what’s to come at our September 2010 festival. We have to films we are screening TOMORROW! Check them out below!

Here’s a link to our facebook event:


Thursday, June 17, 2010
7:00pm – 9:00pm
University of Lethbridge: Room PE 264

Falling for Caroline
A romantic comedy about a young woman who becomes an accident waiting to happen whenever she’s around the girl of her dreams. Our heroine Darcy sets out on a quest to win her true love’s heart, but must first overcome a wardrobe malfunction and other bad habits.
“Our guarantee: no lesbians die, go straight or morph into murderous psychobitches in this film.”

City of Borders
CITY OF BORDERS follows the daily lives of five Israelis and Palestinians at Jerusalem’s only gay bar as they navigate the minefield of politics, religion and discrimination to live and love openly. Set against the construction of the separation wall between Israel and the Palestinian territories and the struggle for a gay pride parade in Jerusalem, these inter-woven stories reveal the contradictions and complexity of the struggle for acceptance.

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